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10 Advanced ES File Explorer Features You Should Know About

ES File Explorer is far more than just a basic file manager for Android. This powerful utility is packed with advanced capabilities that can greatly enhance your productivity and mobile experience. While many users are familiar with ES File Explorer’s core file browsing and transfer features, some of its most useful tools often go overlooked.

In this article, we’ll uncover advanced features within ES File Explorer that are total game-changers. From media playback to file encryption and device optimization, these hidden gems transform the app into a comprehensive suite for power users. Let’s dig in!

Advanced Features within ES File Explorer

Here are the most advanced features within ES File Explorer that you must know about:

Built-In Media Player

You don’t need a separate video or music player app installed. ES File Explorer has a robust media player, compatible with all major video formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, and audio codecs including MP3, FLAC, and more. Click on any supported file to instantly play it.

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Recycle Bin

Accidentally delete an important file? ES File Explorer’s Recycle Bin feature has your back. Instead of permanent deletion, files first get moved to the recycle bin, where you can easily restore them if needed before they get permanently purged.

App Manager

In addition to local files, ES File Explorer also provides tools to manage your installed apps. Use it to backup app data, clear caches, uninstall apps, and even install APK files from local storage or the web.

File Encryption

Protect sensitive documents, photos, and other private files from prying eyes with ES File Explorer’s file encryption capabilities. It supports ultra-secure AES and Blowfish encryption to scramble file contents until you enter the password to decrypt them.

Root Explorer

Have a rooted Android device? ES File Explorer transforms into a full-fledged root file explorer, granting you advanced access to modify system files, install root apps, edit partitions, and more.

Compression Tools

Create ZIP or RAR archives, and extract compressed files, all directly from your phone or tablet, with ES File Explorer’s built-in compression utilities. These archiving tools eliminate the need for separate zip apps.

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RAM and Process Management

In addition to files, ES File Explorer also monitors your device’s running apps and memory usage. Use it to view RAM hogs and free up memory by force-stopping misbehaving apps and processes.

Network File Transfer

Share files seamlessly between your phone and other PCs or devices over your local network or remote connections. ES File Explorer supports wireless LAN transfers, FTP/SFTP uploads, and WebDAV access without needing USB cables.

Cloud Integration

All the top cloud storage services are deeply integrated into ES File Explorer, allowing you to manage Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other cloud files directly alongside your local storage.

Customizable Interface

Don’t you like ES Explorer’s default look and feel? No problem! The app offers extensive customization features to tweak the colors, icons, and layouts and apply custom themes to match your preferences.

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These are the most advanced features within ES File Explorer that you must know about.