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7 AI Apps for Content Creation and Language Services [And Make Money]

AI technology is rapidly advancing and becoming more accessible through mobile apps. You can now leverage the power of artificial intelligence right from your smartphone to earn some extra cash. Here are seven AI apps to consider if you want to make money on the go.

In this post, we’ll explore some top AI apps for creating content and language services. You can also use these AI tools for research and writing purposes.

AI Apps for Content Creation and Language Services

Below are the AI apps for creating better content and language services:


Framedrop is an AI video editing app that can help you create professional-looking videos for social media. Simply upload your clips and Framedrop’s AI will automatically edit them into an engaging video complete with transitions, text overlays, and music. You can then share your videos on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok to start earning ad revenue or sponsorships. Follow this guide to start making money from Framedrop AI now!

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Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot app allows you to have natural conversations with an AI assistant. You can use it to get ideas for content creation, write articles and scripts, or even code programs. Monetize your AI-assisted work by freelancing, blogging, or creating digital products. Use Copilot today and start making money.

ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is designed to help improve your English pronunciation using AI-powered speech recognition. While practicing your speaking skills, you can also participate in paid language tutoring sessions through the app. Here is a complete guide on how to make money using ELSA Speak app.


With Otter’s AI transcription and note-taking capabilities, you can turn audio recordings into text with high accuracy. Freelance as a transcriptionist or sell your detailed meeting notes to others. Here is a complete guide on how to start making money today!

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Starry AI

The Starry AI app employs generative AI models to create unique images, art, and graphics based on text prompts. As an artist, you can sell your AI-generated digital artworks online or offer prompt engineering services. You can use this AI to effective make some cash. Here is how!


Leverage Facetune’s AI retouching tools to edit portraits, product photos, and more for clients. Gig workers can use this app to provide photo editing services through freelancing platforms. Here is how you can monetize the app.

Character AI

Create interactive AI characters with customizable personalities using the Character AI app. Monetize your creations by licensing the characters to businesses for conversational AI solutions. Check out a few more ways to earn from using the platform.

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With a smartphone and these AI apps at your fingertips, you have numerous opportunities to make money from AI-powered tasks like content creation, artistic projects, language services, and more. Get creative with these cutting-edge tools.