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Elon Musk says, He has Tested the 𝕏 Video Game Streamer System, and It Worked

X formerly Twitter is currently testing its Video Game Streamer system to make it easier for streamers to go live on the platform and for viewers to find and watch the streams they’re interested in.

Once the system is officially launched, 𝕏 Premium subscribers will be able to stream their gameplay live on the X app or website. They will also be able to use X’s features, such as hashtags and polls, to interact with their viewers while they are streaming.

The billionaire and owner of the 𝕏, Elon Musk, posted this: “Tested the 𝕏 video game streamer system last night. It works! Will try to complete a Tier 100 Nightmare dungeon tonight live on this platform.”

The social media platform is hoping that the new system will help attract more video game streamers and viewers to the platform.