How to Make Money on Canvas Network: 3 Simple Steps

If you are an artist, looking to make money on Canvas Network can seem like an impossible task. The truth is, there are ways to make money on Canvas Network, but they won’t happen overnight.

If you want to learn how to make money on Canvas Network, these three steps will help you get started in the right direction. While this isn’t guaranteed to make you rich overnight, following these three steps will put you well on your way toward financial freedom as an artist.

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Step 1. Join Canvas Network

To make money from your own classes, you need to first join Canvas. Sign up for a free account here. Don’t worry about getting credit for your previous teaching experience because Canvas will award you experience points when you create your profile and answer basic questions about yourself.

If you’re accepted into their program, they will email you an access code that gives you access to any course of your choosing. This can take several days so be patient if they take a while to get back to you. Once you have access to a course, it is yours forever (or until you choose to leave).

Step 2. Create a Post

There are two ways of creating a post. You can either use an existing template or make your own from scratch. If you decide to use a template, then it’s as simple as filling in blanks and clicking Done. It’s also possible to modify existing templates, which means you can have total control over your final product. It’s even possible to view tutorials that walk you through every part of their business process (including making posts).

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Once you’ve finished your post, submit it for review within 48 hours (before 9am PST), or else it won’t be published until approved by our moderators! Then, just sit back and wait for comments and likes! Remember that everything is handled automatically, so there’s no need to fret about anything except creating awesome content. They handle all payment processing, moderating, and advertising for you.

They also make sure you get paid every time someone purchases your post. Getting Paid When someone buys one of your posts, they’ll receive access via email immediately after purchase. This email will contain a link that allows them to download their purchased item(s).

Once they’ve downloaded it, they will have 24 hours to read it/watch it/listen to it before access expires (you’ll receive payment automatically at 8 am PST each day!).

Step 3. Promote Your Post

If you want to make money on Canvas Network, you need people to visit your profile and artwork. As with other social networks, getting more followers is key. Ask friends and family if they know anyone who might like your artwork.

You can also use your personal Twitter or Facebook account to share it with friends or start a post about it in a local forum group. Just make sure you have no private information visible in those posts! Since comments help build popularity as well, don’t forget that step two.

In order for someone to buy something off of your site, they first have to see it (and hopefully like it). That means exposing yourself and letting people take notice through social media.

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Making money on Canvas Network is pretty easy. Follow these steps and get your work out in front of students, teachers, and other creative people around you! You never know who might see your stuff. Plus, your art could make a great coffee table conversation piece for years to come. Who knows?

If you sell a bunch of prints someone might even be willing to buy an original off from you. Who’s stopping you from making that first dollar? And hey, if I helped at all–thanks for reading! I’m happy to help in any way that I can–and please feel free to ask me any questions below. If there are others who want help with making money off of their drawings too, please don’t hesitate (comment).

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