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How to Remove Your Samsung Account [A Complete Guide]

Removing a Samsung account from your device can be necessary for various reasons, whether you’re preparing to sell your device or simply wish to declutter your digital accounts.

This guide provides a straightforward and secure method to ensure that your Samsung account is removed properly, protecting your personal information and freeing up your device for new setups.

Before Deleting Your Samsung Account

Here is what you need to know before deleting your Samsung Account:

  • When you delete your Samsung account, your details will also be removed from all Samsung services connected to your account.
  • Any downloaded items, purchase history, and other account-related information will be deleted.
  • Sign Out of Devices: Before deleting your Samsung account, make sure to sign out of all your devices. Deleting the account does not automatically sign it out of its devices.
  • After deletion, you won’t be able to sign into your devices for resetting or erasing information.

Steps to Remove Your Samsung Account

Follow the steps outlined to achieve a smooth and hassle-free removal process.

  • Sign In: Visit the Samsung account official website and sign in with your credentials.
  • Access Profile Settings: Click on the “Profile” option.
  • Navigate to Account Settings: Look for the Samsung Account Settings button and click on it.
  • Delete Your Account: Click “Delete account”. Confirm your decision when prompted.

That’s it! These are the details on how to remove your account from your Samsung device.