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How to Configure News Ticker Settings in NewsPlus Theme

How to Configure the News Ticker Settings in NewsPlus Theme – In this article, I will show you how to set up the News Ticker in the NewsPlus WordPress theme.

The NewsPlus WordPress theme is a multi-purpose magazine WordPress theme for an online newspaper, news, blog, and editorial ventures. With a lot of features that come with it, the News Ticker allows you (as the publisher/blogger) to show specific pages or posts as breaking.

At the end of this tutorial, you will get to know how to customize these sections under the News Ticker settings of the NewsPlus theme:

  • News Ticker Placement
  • Category IDs for News Ticker
  • Number of Posts in Ticker
  • News Ticker Label
  • Limit to Home Page

Before getting started, you need to install the theme. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to install the NewsPlus Magazine WordPress theme. Once you are done, follow the steps provided below to configure the News Ticker in your NewsPlus WordPress theme.

How to Setup News Ticker in NewsPlus Theme

There are a few settings you need to make in order to fully utilize the News Ticker in the NewsPlus WordPress theme. Below is where to locate the News Ticker settings of the NewsPlus WP theme:

News Ticker Placement

The News Ticker Placement helps you choose where to display this automatically. This means that you can choose to display the News Ticker in any section of your website you want. In order to do that, use the “NewsPlus_News_Ticker” shortcode on individual pages. Here is how to setup News Ticker placement in NewsPlus Theme.

Please note that you can choose the “None” option from the dropdown list to disable the News Ticker display. Now let’s talk about the “Category IDs for News Ticker” settings below.

Category IDs for News Ticker

These settings allow you to show posts from different categories. To set this up, enter the category IDs you want to display and separate them with a comma (,). You can follow these steps to find any ID of your website categories.

Number of Posts in Ticker

This setting allows you to enter the desired number of posts to show in the News Ticker. Enter your desired number without any comma (,) in the space provided. Here is a full tutorial on where to enter the number of Posts in News Ticker.

News Ticker Label

This also allows you to customize the News Ticker with your label. You can type in “Breaking“, “Latest Article” or even “News” if you are working on a news website. Here is how to rename News Ticker Label in NewsPlus theme.

Limit to Home Page

You can set up the News Ticker to appear entirely on all pages of your website. But this can be done manually. With this option, you can limit the News Ticker to show on only the Home page of your website. Here is a guide on how to limit News Ticker to the Home page.

In conclusion, the NewsPlus theme is one of the powerful WordPress theme that has a lot of features to fully customize your website. Here are our comprehensive NewsPlus WordPress theme tutorials that are exclusively made for you. You can follow these tutorials here.