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How to Use Samsung Galaxy M53 5G Multitasking Features

The Samsung Galaxy M53 5G boasts a powerful set of multitasking features that allow users to seamlessly switch between apps and enhance their overall productivity.

In this tutorial, we will explore the various multitasking features available on the Galaxy M53 5G and guide you through the steps to make the most out of them.

Steps to Use Samsung Galaxy M53 5G Multitasking Features

Below are four sections explaining the various Samsung Galaxy M53 5G Multitasking features:

Section 1: Overview of Multitasking Features

1.1 Split Screen Mode:

  • Split Screen mode on the Galaxy M53 5G enables you to run two apps simultaneously, side by side.
  • To activate Split Screen mode, open the Recent Apps screen by tapping the square or recent apps button, then look for the app icon you want to use in the split-screen mode.
  • Click on and hold the app icon, and a menu will appear. Select “Open in split screen view.”

1.2 Pop-up View:

  • Pop-up View allows you to open an app in a floating window that can be moved around the screen.
  • To use Pop-up View, go to the Recent Apps screen and click on the app icon you want to open in Pop-up View. Then, select “Open in pop-up view.”

Section 2: How to Use Split Screen Mode

2.1 Activating Split Screen Mode:

  • Open the first app you want to use in split-screen mode.
  • Access the Recent Apps screen by tapping the square or recent apps button.
  • Find and select the second app you want to use in split-screen.

2.2 Adjusting the Split Screen Divider:

  • Once in Split Screen mode, you can adjust the size of each app by dragging the divider line between them.
  • To resize an app, place your finger on the divider and move it left or right.

2.3 Swapping Apps in Split Screen:

  • To switch the positions of the apps in Split Screen mode, click on and hold the app’s title bar and drag it to the desired location.

2.4 Exiting Split Screen Mode:

  • To exit Split Screen mode, drag the app divider to the top or bottom of the screen.

Section 3: How to Use Pop-up View

3.1 Opening Apps in Pop-up View:

  • Open the Recent Apps screen and click on the app you want to use in Pop-up View.
  • Select “Open in pop-up view” from the menu.

3.2 Adjusting the Pop-up View Window:

  • Once in Pop-up View, you can move the app window around by dragging the title bar.
  • Resize the window by dragging the corners of the window.

3.3 Minimizing and Maximizing Pop-up View:

  • Minimize the Pop-up View window by tapping the minimize icon (usually represented by a small rectangle).
  • To maximize the app back to full-screen mode, tap the maximize icon.

Section 4: Additional Tips for Efficient Multitasking

4.1 App Pair:

  • The Galaxy M53 5G allows you to create App Pairs for quick access to your favorite multitasking combinations.
  • To create an App Pair, open the Recent Apps screen, click on the App Pair icon (usually represented by two rectangles), and select the apps you want to pair.

4.2 Multi-Window Tray:

  • Access the Multi-Window Tray by swiping in from the right edge of the screen in split-screen mode.
  • This tray provides quick access to a list of apps that can be opened in the secondary window.


The Samsung Galaxy M53 5G‘s multitasking features provide users with an efficient way to manage multiple apps simultaneously.