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KNUST College of Engineering Programmes and Their Cut-Off Points

1. BSc. Aerospace Engineering12
2. BSc. Agricultural Engineering17
3. BSc. Automobile Engineering16
4. BSc. Biomedical Engineering07
5. BSc. Chemical Engineering12
6. BSc. Civil Engineering12
7. BSc. Computer Engineering12
8. BSc. Electrical/Electronic Engineering09
9. BSc. Geological Engineering14
10. BSc. Geomatic (Geodetic) Engineering15
11. BSc. Industrial Engineering16
12. BSc. Marine Engineering14
13. BSc. Materials Engineering15
14. BSc. Mechanical Engineering12
15. BSc. Metallurgical Engineering17
16. BSc. Petrochemical Engineering10
17. BSc. Petroleum Engineering09
18. BSc. Telecommunication Engineering14

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These are the KNUST College of Engineering Programmes and their Cut-Off points.