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3 Pros & Cons of Using Smart Lock on Android Devices

Smart Lock is a feature on Android that allows you to keep your phone unlocked in certain situations, such as when you’re at home or when your phone is connected to a trusted Bluetooth device. This can make it more convenient to use your phone without having to constantly enter your passcode or PIN.

In this article, I have explained why there is a need to use the Android feature Smart Lock on your phone, and I have included a few downsides to using it too. You may also want to check out full details on how to set up the Smart Lock on Android phone,

Why Use Smart Lock on Android?

  • Smart Lock can make it much more convenient to use your phone, especially if you’re constantly unlocking it throughout the day.
  • Smart Lock can also improve security in some ways. For example, if you lose your phone, Smart Lock can prevent someone from accessing it if they’re not in a trusted place or if they’re not connected to a trusted device.
  • Smart Lock has a number of options to choose from, so you can customize it to fit your needs. For example, you can choose to only unlock your phone in certain places, or you can choose to unlock it whenever it’s connected to a trusted device.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Smart Lock

While Smart Lock can improve security in some ways, it also introduces some new security risks. For example, if someone gains access to your trusted places or devices, they could potentially unlock your phone without your permission.

Smart Lock can also impact battery life, especially if you’re using the on-body detection feature. This is because the phone is constantly using the accelerometer to detect when you’re moving.

Smart Lock is not compatible with all devices and apps. For example, some banking apps may require you to enter your passcode every time you open them, even if Smart Lock is enabled.

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