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Secure Your February Salary by Linking Ghana Card & Checking Merger Status

In February 2024, the disbursement of salary will depend on the successful linkage of your Ghana Card to the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department (CAGD) system. It’s crucial to verify your status promptly to avoid any disruptions.

Follow the steps provided below to check your Ghana Card linkage and merger status.

Verifying Ghana Card Linkage to the CAGD System:

  1. Dial *711*9# on your mobile device.
  1. Select option 1, labeled “Merge.”
  1. Provide your SSNIT number when prompted.
  1. Enter your Ghana Card Number.
  1. Upon successful completion, anticipate a confirmation message delivered to your email or active phone number.

If you have already linked your Ghana Card, you may follow the steps below to check your merger status.

Checking Merger Status

  1. Dial *711*9# on your mobile device.
  1. Opt for option 2, which is “Check merger status.”
  1. Input your SSNIT or Ghana Card Number as prompted.
  1. Await an email confirming your merger status.

Taking these simple steps ensures that your salary for February 2024 is secured. Act now to verify your Ghana Card linkage and enjoy your salary going forward 🙂